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There are two ways to grow any business:

– You can spend money on marketing, advertisements, content creation and wait for people to come to you.


– You can target and reach out to the people you know to be good potential leads.

The problem is these days people are bombarded with ads all day long. In fact, Google admits that almost half (48%) of all display ads are never seen by the consumers the advertisers are paying to reach.

Between fighting for people’s attention, the ad blockers most people are using and the fake bots that are eating up billions of dollars in advertising spend every year it’s becoming ever more challenging to reach new prospects.

If these sound like some of the challenges you and your marketing team are facing, it’s okay.

We’re here to tell you there’s a different way to go about getting in front of your prospects.

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling a $100/month product or a million dollar service.

I know growth of a business isn’t everything but without growth you won’t be able to use your skills to help more people solve their problems.

With that being said I’m sure you’re wondering..

What Can I Do To Get More Customers TODAY

Here’s my answer:

Outbound Marketing.

It’s crazy to see how many people are building their businesses by simply reaching out to people they know might have the problem they solve. It’s very possible to start getting warm leads in your pipeline the very same day.

No joke – but I’m sure a small number of people reading this will go out and start and outbound campaign tomorrow.

Maybe one of those people is you!

Even if you’ve struggled to bring in new leads to your business in the past, what I’m sharing today will help you out.

And I’m sharing it 100% for free.

I know how difficult it was to get started.

Before I share today’s lesson let me be clear:

I didn’t succeed with my first business, or my second, or my third.

Until I was 18, I never knew anyone who made more than $80,000 per year. No one gave me the blueprint to business.

The only education I had was public high school and a marketing degree from a College turned University.

The problem with today’s economy is it’s growing too fast for the school system to keep up. Schools today are typically teaching things that worked 5-10 years ago when the landscape of what’s working is changing on a month to month basis.

If there’s any doubt it’s not working why aren’t the thousands of kids going through school able to pay back the over trillion dollars that’s owing in student loans in the United States.

The good news is this tragic problem is creating an amazing opportunity.

I remember being in school and eating off the value menu at McDonalds or having my credit cards maxed out to the point where my balance was actually growing over my credit limit because of interest.

The thing that helped turn things around for me was actually Grant Cardone’s book the 10x rule. He said the average CEO reads 50-60 books a year. I heard a similar thing from James Altucher who said the guide to reinventing yourself is reading 300-400 book around one topic. I knew I wanted to run my own business and become a CEO one day so I started picking up books.

The number one quote I pulled from that original 10x book was ..

It is better to make something happen—good or bad—than to have it happen to you.

Listening to Grant emphasize these words in the audio book helped me get to a bit of an ephiphany moment.

It made me think.

Because I had very few opportunities and nothing to lose, it meant I had more time than anyone else to THINK.

So that’s what I did …

I looked back on all the times when I had experienced success.

And guess what?

I noticed a pattern…

Every time I had experienced that success it was because I took action immediately.

It was at THAT point in my life when I decided to go on the offense full time and trust my intuition to make things happen rather than wait and find out how things would play out.

I prioritized investing in information and knowledge that would help my intuition get better and more accurate. I would deliberately spend time looking for patterns in successful companies and individuals who rose to the top of their respective fields.

The only reason I’m sharing this is because since adopting this mentality of iteration and experimentation rather than pondering I’ve been able to collect feedback quickly and improve on all areas of my life.

I strongly believe it’s not only the best way to live but also to grow a business.

If you’re still reading this I want to help you execute on a new plan quickly. Here are three key lessons you must learn about running an outbound marketing campaign in today’s economy.

Lesson #1 – You Must Be Authentic

This is probably the number one mistake I see people make.

It would be as if all of a sudden you owned Facebook and had access to every one of their 2 Billion users. With all this power your first order of business was then to pitch every person on why they should subscribe to this other social network that was incrementally better for reason x,y,z.

Your business works for YOU because of your special skills and experience. I’d bet it was actually one or more of those skills that collided and you realized you could help people solve a problem.

That experience, knowledge, and expertise is unique to you yet when most people are given a platform to sell they want to jump to the features of their service rather than giving people an opportunity to connect with them on a human level.

Most people have heard the saying people buy from those they know, like and trust.

Now more than ever it’s important to build an audience of people who believe what you believe because competing strictly on features and price is a losing proposition.

In my outbound program, I explain how to find people that were in a similar position to you when you originally discovered the problem and build messaging that not only starts conversations but build relationships and customers for life rather than transactional sales.

Lesson #2 – You Must Have a Plan that Follows a Thesis

A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week. – George S. Patton

Many people will blindly set activity numbers for their first outbound campaigns. The problem is the people that are executing them typically don’t know why and it’s hard to build motivation and the conviction necessary to be successful.

The best outbound campaigns operate based on an idea.

This could be an idea for a new market, a new angle at an existing market, or simply whether or not what’s already worked will continue to work at scale.

The important thing is you’ve set parameters and there is a challenge that you’re looking to solve.

If you don’t, and are simply running an ad hoc program with many outbound emails or calls directed at different industries or types of people not only will it be difficult for you to know where you can improve but replicating such a campaign with new or more people will be almost impossible.

For example, if you’ve seen the recent movie “Founder” about Ray Kroc and Mcdonalds you might have noticed a similar lesson.

In their case, unique was less important than simple and repeatable. They were able to find a model that was not only efficient but was easily scalable. It’s the same reason many large tech companies have a policy against hiring brilliant jerks. You want your own beliefs and values to be portrayed by your second employee as well as your xxth.

Here’s another lesson:

Lesson #3 – You should always use a Trainer

A question you should always be asking yourself is:

Who’s training me?

You’re not going to get the results you want ” in the shortest amount of time possible ” without a trainer.

The best performers in the world use trainers, coaches, and mentors. From professional athletes to CEO’s, people are always looking for information to give them an edge.

In fact, I would say this is probably the number one common trait I’ve noticed among ultra successful people. They are always looking to gather information and have zero ego about going to others for advice or input.

Have you ever tried to learn an instrument or speak a new language on your own as opposed to having an expert there with you?

There’s a night and day difference.

An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which can be made, in a narrow field. Niels Bohr

However, I realized finding mentors and getting help in topics that are changing so quickly is a huge challenge.

Most information available online about outbound marketing is surrounding a method that worked for growing tech companies 15 years ago!

Every day I get questions about how to use new platforms for outreach and where that should fit into your existing strategy.

As much as Iove discussing these issues with people I realized that it’s just not that effective and is limiting my ability to provide value to more businesses who could desperately use those few extra customers.

So here’s what I did.

I recently created a program called the Outbound Marketing Masterclass.

Outbound Marketing Masterclass

This program walks you through everything you need to know about creating an outbound marketing channel of consistent leads for your business in under 4 weeks, even if you have never sent a cold email before in your life.

All I’m asking from you or someone on your team is 30 minutes a day. You could do more but the consistency is what’s important.

My goal with this program is to set the bar even higher.

There are other good training programs out there but I believe with absolute certainty that there is nothing else that even compares to the mix of relevant information and technology I’m arming you with to be successful.

When I looked around at what to price this program at I saw courses at $2500 USD or 397euro’s/month ($5619 USD/year). Honestly, I didn’t think either of those prices were un fair especially when you consider what even a couple new customers every month would mean to your business.

But looking back at my own experience, I know this information can be especially valuable to businesses looking to get their first few high paying clients and starting to scale. For that reason I wanted to make it accessible to everyone.

So instead of charging over $5000, I’m setting the amount to less than I pay for my cell phone bill every year.


Risk-Free Guarantee!

If this program doesn’t produce any results for you within 8 weeks, I’ll give you all your money back.

It’s that simple.

In other words, this is free to try out for the next 60 days.

– If it works for you, which I’m sure it will, you’ll earn many times what you’ve invested in the program over time.
– And if it doesn’t work for you, which would be surprising, I’ll refund 100% of your money.

In addition to guaranteeing your investment today, I’m adding the following bonuses IF you act quick.


3 bonuses For Quick Action Takers

The following 3 bonuses are only for you if you’re ready to get started today. If $697 is too much of an investment for you right now then this program likely isn’t for you.

Here are the 3 bonuses I’m giving you IF you take action now:


One on One Coaching 

This will be up to a two hour call where you and I spend time auditing or even coming up with your outbound marketing program.  I will typically do this with clients who are getting us to manage their entire outbound program and will charge at a minimum $497 for the setup. This work of solidifying your value proposition, coming up with a big claim, the right way to start a conversation in an email and more is all crucial to the success of your campaign.

This level of personalized advice and support is normally $497 on its own but if you invest in my Outbound Marketing Masterclass today, you’ll get this free.


Your first 100 leads

A lot of people struggle to come up with relevant lead lists. While there will always be someone out there willing to resell you lists of people that hundreds of others have already bought and emailed, finding businesses where there is context to why you’re reaching out is a whole different story.

I’ll use this list of the first 100 leads as a way to show you my process for finding these companies in a manner relevant to you and your business. Of course, I’ll also show you how I go about finding the contact information for the correct people at those companies. And even how you can uncover lists of warm leads on a daily/weekly basis.

List building on this type of personalized level is something I feel is an invaluable resource. While you have all your competitors devaluing their brand by spraying generic messaging to thousands of people you can be the virtual helping hand offering a proactive solution to a problem they are likely to be facing at that very moment.


Access to Monthly Group Calls 

One of the biggest issues with other training on this topic is that it’s dated.

As my third and final special bonus, for the first 30 people to sign up I’m going to give you access to the monthly coaching calls that we do with our VIP clients where I’ve done in person training or we’re managing their entire campaigns for them.

On these calls, you will get insight into what is working and not working that very month so you can adjust your strategies accordingly. In normal circumstances you will of had to spend at least $4k with us to get access to these calls.

The 3 bonuses valued at thousands of dollars can be yours at no extra charge. All that’s required is an investment in my Outbound Master Class that’s fully guaranteed for 60 days.

You have nothing to lose with this offer I’m making you today.

Before I wrap this up, I have one last request.

After you get your Outbound campaign going and you start bringing in new business, I’d be thrilled if you sent me your story about your success.

If you’ve made it this far down the page, I have a vested interest in you.

While many people are busy glued to their phones or the TV, you’re here.

I don’t mean this in a woo-woo way, but there’s a reason for this.

I believe we were destined to work together and I believe in your ability to take control of your future.

Let me help you out by showing you how to launch your Outbound campaign within the next 4 weeks, even if you’ve never sent a cold email before in your life – guaranteed.

Get started now by clicking the button below!

Talk soon!

Outbound Marketing Masterclass

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Home Study Version

– 1-year subscription to Touchmail.io (the software that will allow you to automate and personalized your outbound messaging) – $900

– Enrichment of up to 1,000 leads per month so you can easily personalize your emails and LinkedIn connection requests – $6000

– A private chrome extension that you won’t be able to find online anywhere to be able to grow your network faster through LinkedIn – $397

– Soon to be released: 8 module online course on how to create and execute the perfect outbound campaign – $2499

+ Bonus #1 – $497
+ Bonus #2 – $297
+ Bonus #3 – $1197

Total Value – $11,787
We will be charging $1,497

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Intensive One Day In-Person Workshop

– Everything in the Entire Online Option $11,787

– One Full Day in Your Office (Setting up your entire outbound process with your team) – $3997

– Advanced Prospecting Course – $497

– Advocate Marketing Tool (How to uncover warm leads from your existing client base) – $1197

– Live In-Person Call & Email Coaching – $997

– Access to Bi-weekly Mastermind Calls For a Year – $5997

*NA Businesses Only, Includes Flights & Accommodation

Total Value – $24,472
We will be charging $4997

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We don’t compare this to anything else that we’ve seen. For one we have fairly un popular beliefs around personalization and 1 to 1 messaging. We carry those beliefs through not just our training but also the features that are built into our software. We heavily optimize for building relationships and starting conversations over sheer volume of activities.
This program is not for you if you’re trying to end >10k emails per month
Yes, If you aren’t seeing any results after putting this program in place just message us within the first 60-days and we’ll give you your money back.
Outbound will not work for everyone. If you have a service that is highly transactional and very low cost it’s unlikely that you can make this type of marketing feasible. A good rule of thumb is a new customer should be worth at least $2500 to you.