3 P’s Of Effective Prospecting

Whether you’re trying to connect with someone for a job or looking to pitch them your products and services here are three guidelines to follow that will put you ahead of 98% of the people reaching out to those same contacts.

Don’t let the simplicity of this list fool you, if you aren’t getting at least 25% of your contacts replying to you with this process email me directly and I’ll help you get there.

The three P’s of prospecting, as I define them are; being proactive, personalization and persistency.

Be Proactive


This is likely the most important of the three simply because no one does it. Being proactive means focusing on your craft and leaning on the results of experience you have rather than asking for something based on no merit.

You need to be interesting. If you’re not interesting by default you have to at least be willing to invest time/energy in ┬ásome way that is going to help the person you’re trying to reach.

For example, rather than saying I will do xyz for you … why don’t you just do that thing, or part of it at least. Then say hey look I really want to work with you. I went ahead and built this for you. You can go ahead and use it but if you’re interested in discussing further happy to share some other ideas with you.




The only thing better than someone proactively solving a problem for me is if they do it in a way that is unique to the things I care about.

Some companies like Freshbooks will go as far as sending out cakes to prospects and customers. In my experience even if you add a sentence or two about how you came to know this persona and what you like about what they’ve done that will go a long way.

No one wants to feel like they’ve just been treated the same as thousands of other people. One way to have this effect without hours and hours of labour intensive research is to spend the time segmenting your list. This way maybe you’re only reaching out to people with the same title or from the same location but your initial personalization can be built into your template.


Be Persistent


In my experience the advice that a sale requires 8-10 followups usually gets interpreted too literally and people will end up setting automatic follow up campaigns of repetitive “just checking-in” emails that add zero value.

You need to be persistent, especially if the person you’re trying to contact is a busy executive or business owner. The thing is you also need to continue to add value. Think VAFU (value added follow-up).

I know a lot of people who will simply not reply to the first couple attempts anyone makes no matter what just because their thinking is that if you truly believe in your product you will do everything it takes to close a sale. Not everyone will make you follow-up 3-4 times but if you continue to add value along the way and are also persistent you can’t lose.