3 P’s Of Effective Prospecting

Whether you’re trying to connect with someone for a job or looking to pitch them your products and services here are three guidelines to follow that will put you ahead of 98% of the people reaching out to those same contacts. Don’t let the simplicity of this list fool you, if you aren’t getting at
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7 Uncommon Tips From Tools of Titans

  Do you recognize the man in the photo? You might be familiar with his 4-hour guides to the workweek, your body and even accelerated learning (4-hour chef). If you’ve heard of the books, you may also be familiar with his podcast: The Tim Ferriss Show. Never listened to a podcast before? Or at least
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get a job in tech with no experience

4 Steps to Get a Job In Tech with No Experience

I wanted to write this because I’m from Alberta, Canada and with WTI at ~$40/ barrel since January I’ve naturally heard a lot of complaining about employment opportunities. I also believe there are a ton of incredible opportunities in sales and specifically entry level sales jobs right now. In my opinion should be easy for
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hacking your flow state

Hacking Your Flow State Pt. 2

Previously I wrote about Steven Kotler’s book, The Rise of Superman, and my personal experience with “hacking your flow state”. At the time I had just finished reading the book and wanted to try to reverse engineer the process. I decided I would try and get there via physical exertion at a local gym. In short, I had a
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